Digital scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking: is it for you?

The digital work of art makes its way into the mainstream; as well as the digital scrapbook. Sure, we have what certain understanding about digital art, but about digital scrapbook? Is it the same with digital art?

The two are similar and differ in many ways, but we are not here to deeply discuss their differences and similarities. We are here to focus digital scrapbooking as an alternative to the traditional Scrapbook making.

Traditional scrapbooks make outs, adhesives and other decorations you can imagine are cut by hand with various materials such as paper, pens, letter. The most important rule is; You want to create a wonderfully furnished page address, which would give better meaning for the message. Digital scrapbooking works also on the same principle. You create unique page with decoration to enhance the importance of massage you would like to mention.

What distinguishes the two is the way to achieve this principle. As mentioned, traditional scrapbooking materials such as paper, pens, used letter cut outs, adhesives and other decorations. Digital scrapbooking used on the other computer graphics which replaced these traditional materials. You can say that it is more difficult, as on the current page (traditional Guestbook) work on the page design on the computer. But to be honest, it's almost the same.

Take for example following:

The traditional Scrapbook works on a background or a layout (sometimes called a template), images, texts, and ornaments. The process is as follows: you put the pictures on the background place some embellishments of your type and write some lyrics.

The digital scrapbook works on software with all available digital decoration and texts. You have scanned images on a selected background be placed. Insert some text and add more design. Then, you have created with some more editing on the colors and frame, a guestbook page.

(On the subject of software.) There are some software that can create digital scrapbooks. This are Microsoft ® Digital Image Pro, Photoshop ® elements and Adobe ® Photoshop ®, Ulead PhotoImpact ® and Jasc Paint Shop Pro ®, to only name a few.)

It is often much easier to create a digital scrapbook as a traditional. This is because software that create digital scrapbook with ready-made templates for text and background, you need to completely to mention the editing tools. These features make it easier to create a unique page. Downloadable templates are available through the Internet, to extend your decisions on text, decorations and background. This is in contrast to traditional Scrapbook, selling everything to make is; from the background to the cutting of the decoration.

Further illustrate how does creates a digital page, here are the steps to follow:

· Create a new image from a blank canvas

· Define the size of the page you want to use.

· Specify the settings that you want to customize.

· Add the photo

Photos the color scheme of the layout to determine therefore you should first see what will want to use image before deciding the mat of the canvas.

If you want to add a photo, you must first save a file. They can scan either images or take them out of your digital cameras.

· Create the background

Now you have a canvas and photo purposefully, it's time for you your select background. Here, the possibilities are endless. You can download images from the Internet or to use your photos background itself. Can match the texture of the background to the topic that you want to achieve.

· Create the photo mat

Photo mats can at some point meet the background and the photo.

· Add the text and the ornaments

Ready made are a good feature of digital scrapbooking software texts and embellishments. This helps you to quickly and easily important cut.

· Apply some finishing touches

Final editing is just as important to place such as everything is in order. Benefits of built in features such as shadow shape effects, and others. This would help, your page look more attractive, as it shows, what would you be highlighted.

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