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Take your past in the present

Memories can a lifetime, if you allow them. If you want to bury them in the past, will dictate but in its sole discretion.

Still the memories in the present do bring for those who decide, they can choose from a variety of systems, devices and techniques to help them. One of the many ways, the gap between the past and the present is to make a guest book.


Scrapbooking is a hobby of custom decorated albums photos, newspaper and magazine clippings, quotes, memorabilia and other substances added. People, love art and memories share the hobby. So both in a different artistic expression scrapbooking combine existence possible made.

Document family history and other important occasions and events is a way to preserve the heritage. This is the main purpose of scrapbooking. A guest book to be stories just for you and your children, grandchildren and the next of kin in line there. Imagine, the bridging of generations. Only you will fail your fallible memory without a scrapbook. Chances are, you will forget, the most of your precious memories, not with so many discrepancies to remember. As they say, paint pictures than a thousand words. Therefore will appreciate images and get them they will worsen in a way that does not make also the stories behind it retained.

Scrapbooking accessories

Scrapbooking is a special hobby. Only a few of his associates. Scrapbooking accessories are so difficult. In today's modern times, that popularity of Scrapboooking is pretty obvious, there are also shops, giving large discounts on scrapbooking accessories.

· Custom albums

Guestbook used custom albums set the cut or scanned images and ornaments. These albums are not enough in 2 Basic sizes - 8 1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12 less than these sizes, to scrapbooking are needs. The former is a known size. The disadvantage of using the same, however, is that it has therefore limited place, your art concepts are limited by the space. The usual scrapbooking album is a 12 x 12 cm paper to get the required photos, write, and ornaments.

12 x 12 size creates more room for creative layouts. Therefore, you will not more concerned about the restrictions in the area. In addition, you can select from a variety of colors, designs and styles. Availability is never a disturbing.

Apart from the size, you need to consider if you want to use a tape, post-bound or a 3 ring album. Bracelet-bound albums have flexible band hinges, which neighboring pages lie flat with his invisible hinge. The adjacent pages allow post-bound albums flat the pages are without separating. 3 Ring albums, on the other hand are the simplest use albums as you easily can rearrange their pages. However, it can absorb only limited pages.

In the election for a customized album, be sure that the album is archiving. It must be made free materials with acid. The paper must be also lignin free. Use the appropriate colors that you can find that your limit is your imagination.

· Album refills

If you plan to do an exhaustive session of scrapbooking, better buy album mines along with your desired album. Will it know frustratingly, then, that no mines are compatible with your scrapbook or available when she need you.

· Adhesive

There are a lot of adhesives available these days. Choose one or two that will complement your scrapbooking project. Some of the popular self-adhesive brands of artists used smorgasbord, glue dots, triple thick, 3D are mod points, Xyron, and EZ.

· Paper

Different types of paper can be used to your scrapbook artistic, appealing and breathtaking. Different shapes and colors of paper, you can add a touch of elegance and style.

· Scissors

You keep your sharp pair of scissors. This will make the cut and easier.

· Pens, pencils and acrylic paint

Pens, pencils and acrylic paint can improve the artistic side of your scrapbook. You can write something or a part of your album using color.

· Tray hole punch

In order to make holes on the sides, a hole punch is essential. Therefore, your scrapbooking are accessories not fully if you do not own it.

Additional material

· Ornaments

Ornaments such as stamps, stickers, tags, laces, fringes, alphabets, beads, eyelets, jeans blocks and other things that your scrapbook, which a to behold sights are integrated can make it.

· Scrapbooking kit

The Scrapbooking Kit is all that delivers your scrapbooking an exclusive tray. To find your supplies organized and easy, this kit is necessary.

Before you a project Scrapbook, be sure that you have used all materials and supplies.

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