Create your own mood board Scrapbook

Create your own mood board Scrapbook. Mood boards are commonly used in the fashion industry as testing grounds for new ideas. These are like boards wherein cutouts, drafts of designs and fabric swatches are portrayed to provide initial impressions of the new trend. In fact, anything that will help the viewer's see the direction and concepts of the designers are placed on the mood board.

By making use of mood boards, a scrapper may easily find her style. Placing concepts into more tangible mediums will construct foundations for your layouts and intentions.

Don't be too critical in this process. While flipping through magazines, you need not know why a picture or an image attracts you. If it produces positive reaction then go and tear it out. This is one good test to determine your style.

Second, you would want to check on color combinations. For some of us, we have already set definite grounds on what our favorite color is what we may most likely not use. Using a single group of shades is good if you can manipulate and mix them into varying combinations.

However, most people find it hard to detract themselves from a single concept. It won't be bad if you will experiment on some other hues. When inspiration turns bad and there seem to be no color available for you, look at the butterflies for inspiration.

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