Scrapbooking though may fill the gaps between the two.

Sometimes, we have to find outlets for our personalities to show. Some people do writing stuffs, some delve into less serious practices. Scrapbooking though may fill the gaps between the two.

If it is really that difficult to produce an original idea, you can forgive yourself by mimicking other scrapper's works.

Many find great uses in other people' s designs. Sometimes, they even bring out the best from adopting a concept into their own. This technique is called scraplifting.

Other people choose not to follow this concept. However for beginners it is always easier to follow those that worked for many. Somehow, along the way they will find their own methods of doing things.

As a beginner, it won't harm if you check some great works. Then modify these using your own materials, photos and touches. And once a good inspiration breaks out, the scrapbooker may find herself immersed in the confidence of doing things in her own way.

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