Scrapbooking Dos and Don'ts

Scrapbooking Dos and Don'ts

Pretty much everyone in the country has had an experience with scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a way through which we try to connect with our past through different objects and images. Scrapbooks serve as time capsules, preserving our memories for when we have trouble recalling events.

In making a scrapbook, do:

1) Get creative - scrapbooking is an activity meant for you to release your creativity. You see, you have to let the scrapbook take on your personality. Only through this will you be able to create a scrapbook worthy of being called yours.

How do people release their creativity when scrapbooking? Well, you might want to think about the significance of different objects and how they stir your emotions. Try to express those emotions using these factors of the scrapbook:

A. Arrangement -the arrangement of certain objects in scrapbooking can reveal a much deeper message than the object itself. It actually speaks to the beholder how you feel about that certain object. Does it remind you of something painful? Do you feel joy when you see that object? Try to reflect your feelings on the arrangement of the object.

B. Colors -Different colors convey different emotions. Scrapbooking often requires you to add color to different pages in order to get your message across. Through the colors you use in a particular page, you can get your message about a specific event across to the reader.

C. Texture - in scrapbooking, you get to add texture to your creation. Unlike photo albums where only the pictures count, scrapbooking requires lets you get your message across through different textures. Touch is a very important part of scrapbooking. By adding texture to your pages, you can get your point across much better.

2) Gather resources - when scrapbooking, you need to have all materials you could possibly use. This means you have to prepare beforehand. If you do this, you won't waste time trying to find this or that colored pen.

By gathering resources, you free your mind and time to the actual creation of the scrapbook. Making a great scrapbook requires that your concentration be on the scrapbook itself, not on finding stuff you need.

3) Plan - when you are scrapbooking, always make sure that you have a plan as to which item goes where. You need to plan the overall look of your scrapbook and even the little details that go with it. You see, if you take the time to plan your scrapbook, you will be able to scan your ideas and choose which one is the best for you to go with.

Another advantage with planning ahead is the fact that you will be able to limit your budget and buy the stuff you need to make your scrapbook. By planning ahead, you also make putting the scrapbook together easy because of the fact that you do not really have to spend time changing designs.

4) Consider interpretation - Scrapbooking involves pictures and objects. As you may know, symbols can be interpreted in a million different ways, depending on the beholder's perception. In order to avoid your scrapbook from offending anyone, you could try to give clues as to how a certain page is significant to you.

Scrapbooking quotes are always a good option, considering the fact that they are a compromise between narrating events and using vague pictures.

Scrapbooking don'ts:

1) Copy - copying another scrapbook robs you of the self-satisfaction of having a unique creation. Remember that a scrapbook should reflect your personality. As human beings, we are all unique. This means that you have the potential to create a scrapbook that truly shows your soul.

2) Be vague - remember that a scrapbook is supposed to help you remember. It's not supposed to confuse you even more. In scrapbooking, you should learn how to relay your message without resorting to narrating the significance of each item.

3) Change - leave objects as they are, do not try to make an object more significant than it really is. You also cannot try to change events to suit your perception. You see, trying to change bad events into good, or vice versa defeat the whole purpose of scrapbooking. In order for your scrapbook to be effective in keeping your history, you should be honest to yourself.

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