Free Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create Scrapbook Page

Free Scrapbooking Tips: How to Create Scrapbook Page

Here’s your situation: You are done shopping for your scrapbook supplies. You have collected all photos you need for your scrapbook. Everything is prepared; the album, pair of scissors, adhesive, embellishments, papers, pens, and many more. But you are staring blankly on this pile of things thinking what should you do and how to make this work according the outcome you want to achieve. 

The thing is, you don’t have to put too much burden on yourself trying to come up with a magnificent work of art. All you have to do is to get everything organized and let your imagination take over.

For some help, here are the steps on how to create a scrapbook page:

Draw up a page-by-page plan. Yeah right! Do can’t even start a page. Well, to be honest, the best way to have a good scrapbook page is not about making a plan. It is about creating freely. So, scrap the idea of making a page-by-page plan unless you have a good sense of imagining things. But if you don’t, well, you might start by organizing your photos according to the theme you want to achieve.

Let us say that again in another way: ORGANIZE.

As was mentioned, organize your photos according to the theme. You may not use every photo you have prepared. Just select the best and those you think would be great once combined with other scrapbook supplies you will use.

Group the photos that would fit to one page. You may use variations on each page. For example, you will place 5 photos in one page. Then on the next page, you will use just 4. Chronological arrangements will keep things easy for you.

Can you see where we are going here? Yes, after you have organized your photos, you found yourself with a page-by-page plan. We just make the term easy for you.

Now, let us work on one page...

With the photos you have grouped, take 2-3 colors of papers that would compliment them. Select a background that would enhance the image of your selected photos. If you don’t have a background, create one that would let the photos stand out. You can use the internet to get some ideas for a great background. There are also printable backgrounds you can download. If you prefer making one on your own, use the tip above.

Make decorations on the page together with the photos. Select one photo that would become the focal point of the page. Spread other photos on the page. Decorations come on the sides of the photos. Do not use adhesives yet so that you can change the arrangements and the decorations if you need to. Glue them if you have finally decided on the look of the page.

Also, use borders to highlight the photos. Double or triple matting would make a good border. Shape the photos according to your desired outcome. Shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles, and ovals are more pleasing and more common. Do not over flood the page. If you think you have overly decorated the page, do not hesitate to remove some decorations.

Create journaling. Expressing your thoughts, experiences, and feelings would bring out better expression on the page. Take time to write some information about the page’s content.

Pay close attention to the details and elements such as balance symmetry, and scare. Observe how your eyes move in Z direction as you stare at the page. If you think there are changes you need to make, do not hesitate to do it before you glue them permanently.

After you finish doing this, you have already made a page on your scrapbook. Do the same process on the succeeding pages. Try to use different variations. Make each page unique from another. Try other colors. Use different arrangements. Make different styles.

Add more embellishments as you go along. Use stickers, die cuts, and rubber stamps. If you find that there is a need to add or change embellishments on some of the pages you have already made, do them carefully so as you don’t destroy the existing decorations. Good luck!

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