Samples of Free Scrapbooking Layout Plans

Samples of Free Scrapbooking Layout Plans

Scrapbooking is no longer the simple collection of magazine cutouts which we happen to find interesting. Or the bare collection of photos with minimal designs bounded together in a book.

In fact, this hobby has already become a craze and believe it or not, its popularity has exceeded golf. At a conservative measure, there are four scrapbookers in every American family while there are only three golfers who could play golf in each household.

Its popularity was added by multi-level marketing enterprises, which seemed to have raised the overwhelming collections of scrapbooking materials. Add to this the fact the myriad of collectors and vendors who seem to have their entire lives with scrapbooking.

While it already has evolved into a pool of vendors, collectors, traders and buyers we should still have to trace back the origin of scrapbooking.

It of course has started as a hobby. But with entrepreneurs seeing the lucrative prospects from scrapbooking, many has now toughed the tides and made this a billion dollar industry.

From scrapbooking product designs to product selling. From scrapbooking softwares to the nitti-gritties like charms, stickers, stick-ons and everything in between, there surely is some place for tactics that would help better the industry. And that including the free bees that we normally get from the web.

Well, the free scrapbooking layouts here that we are talking about are not the exact layouts that you would use step by step. Instead, we have prepared free scrapbooking layout plans that will contribute largely with the development of your craft and your own style. After all, scrapbooking is one good way for your personality to radiate.

Here are the following layout plans:

The newspaper style
One of the most obvious mediums by which we can see effective layouting are from the newspapers. There no boundaries in making the layouts for your scrapbooking, anything and everything is possible. Now if you would want to layout your family pictures or personal photos in tabloid form, you may choose to lay them on columns. Just like the ones you see posted in tabloids. Birthdays, weddings an sporting events all fit well in this type of formatting. For optimized results, you may use an old English font for the script and Times New Roman for the titles.

Try the handprints
This works best with an album for your child. You may trace his hand print or his foot print and do whatever that pleases you. You may have it traced on the cardstock or the paper itself. For an alternative, you may mount a picture of your child on any traced medium and make use of the area around the page.

Use the rub on transfer technique
Rub-ons for long, had been the favorite among both amateur and veteran scrappers. They create pretty effects that make layouts extra special. There are plenty of ways for which you may use rub-ons. The most common of which is to apply them on the cardstock, photos or any sort of papers, may it be patterned or plain.

Rub-ons need some learning curve. It might even take time before you master the technique. They come in helpful tools though like a rubbing would for easy design transfer. However, once you have mastered the craft, you would be able to use it even to trickier mediums like ribbons, glass, mesh, and ribbons. Please assure to it that when doing the techniques on these materials, the rub-ons are adhesive enough so as to create better effects.

Chalk solutions for your scrapbooking layouts
Texture, color and dimension…that are what chalks do. chalks appeal to most surfaces especially those that are paper-based so there really is no problem when using chalks. The soft color that they add makes baby albums a bit more babyish and solemn albums a bit more solemn. Somehow, chalks intensifies that concept in ways that cant be doe with any other medium.

However using chalks would mean that you have to prepare for messy works. Nevertheless, it's all worth it.

There. Now you have more ideas from our free scrapbooking layout designs. They can be combined with other techniques to complement for the concepts and for intensifying the design on minimal degree or to make them as the general idea for your layout concepts.

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