Free Scrapbooking Ideas: Making a Wedding Scrapbook

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Free Scrapbooking Ideas: Making a Wedding Scrapbook

Substituting the professional wedding album with wedding scrapbook can be time consuming for some. But for those who want to put personal touches on their wedding memorabilia, making a wedding scrapbook can be a total fun. Of course you have the options to either make it by yourself or do it with your couple.

The first thing you should do as you start your wedding scrapbook making is deciding the content. You may have several options but basically, they are limited. It is just either you include the whole wedding event from the wedding engagement to the honeymoon or just the wedding day itself.

This decision will lead you to the limit and scope of your scrapbook. For instance, you have decided to create one that would cover only the wedding day. Then, you can easily decide what are the things you need and the photos you should have. This will define the number of pages you require and would determine whether you need to make additional pages and so on.

Then, you would have to decide the theme or the color of the scrapbook. Obviously, you have a certain color theme on your wedding. Use this color theme to your wedding scrapbook as well to promote uniformity. You don’t want to hear comments that the color should be this or that once you have shown it to your friends right? Okay, it is not about avoiding comment but hey, you should still adapt certain uniformity. Thus, choosing the color of your scrapbook would most probably be based on the color theme of your wedding. As simple as that.

After you have decided the content and the color theme of your wedding scrapbook, it is now time to get your album. The size of the album should be decided carefully for it serves two purposes: to protect the content of the album and to create initial impact on the viewer. Album size is essential. A large on would be ideal for most. The traditional album choice is white. This would go to any of the color theme you have. You should not consider taking colored albums for it would only limit your embellishments. Or, if you would choose a colored one, pick the color of your theme.

The next thing you have to do is to ready your materials. Get some colored papers for journaling and decorations, acid-free and lignin-free adhesive, set of pens for captions and other texts, a pair of scissors, cardstock, photo mounting tabs, and of course, your album. If you don’t have these things, stores that specially sell materials for scrapbooking offer wide variety of scrapbook materials. The internet has plenty of these so as department stores. 

Gather your photos and sort them out according to the flow you want to use. Then, you have to gather your embellishments. Embellishments should match the color of your theme and embellishments will give your scrapbook its beauty. Putting them together is the tricky part but with the help of your imagination and your creativity, you will have no problem finishing this part.

You may not limit yourself to photos and embellishments. You can also add deflated balloons,
confetti, party favors, confetti, invitations, napkins, programs, place cards, champagne corks, and all your small items used during the wedding day. Place them along side your photos or you can designate a particular page for each of them.

Consider adding some stamps, stickers, lace, and ribbons. These things will add color to your album. Put some texts to the pages. Place dates and captions with pens or letter cut outs. Use adhesives to put them all together.

After you have done with each page, carefully assemble them together. Chronological arrangement will bring order to the album. Once you have done doing this, make a final run to your album to see if there are some additions you need to make. Put some final touches to the album and it is done. You have your own wedding scrapbook.

One last thing to remember, you should not rush to finish it. Take time and enjoy the whole process. Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment. Before you know it, you have a one-of-a-kind wedding scrapbook. Good luck!

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