Qualities that Determine the Right Hugz for Scrapbooking

Qualities that Determine the Right Hugz for Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking nowadays involves so many materials. In the past, scrapbooking took on a distinctive look as each person was relied on his or her resourcefulness in order to get the right look and the proper details into his or her scrapbook. Nowadays, however, there are different add-ons for sale that the only reason why people achieve distinct looks with their scrapbooks is the fact that each person arranges the scrapbook differently.

Hugz for scrapbooking is one type of the little bits and pieces that companies sell in order to make your creations more attractive. Hugz for scrapbooking aren’t really necessary, but they add a distinctive look and make your scrapbook into something special.

What determines the right Hugz for scrapbooking?

1) Color – People sometimes choose the right hugz based on their color. But how do these people determine the right color of hugz for scrapbooking?

a) Theme - Going with the overall theme or template of the scrapbook can be pretty crucial factor. Depending on what color, object, event, person, place, or emotion you choose to base your scrapbook on, you need hugz for scrapbooking that will either complement the color of the theme or contrast it for a brilliant effect.

b) Emotion – The color of hugz for scrapbooking can also be used to reflect the emotion of the memory being portrayed. Remember that there different interpretations for different colors. Here are the different interpretations of colors.

b.1) Red – This color can stand for courage, honor and loyalty to family. The red is the color of blood meaning it can also stand for passion and violence. Red can also be associated with communism, and revolution.

b.2) Black – This is often associated with mystery and inner peace. Black is also associated with non-conformism, evil and the night. Black can also stand for sorrow and pain and you can use this color of hugz when you are putting together a scrapbooking page of a very sorrowful time in your life.

b.3) Purple – This stands for royalty and wisdom. The emotion commonly associated with purple is nobility. Purple hugz for scrapbooking can be used in pages signifying victory over the odds.

b.4) Pink – The color pink stands for innocence and love. This is because in eastern philosophy, pink is often the visualized color of the love energy which flows from one of the chakras of the human body. A person with a pink aura is often seen as covered in the power of love.

b.5) White – White stands for purity, glory and peace. It can also signify a new beginning, meaning you can use it on pages where you want to show a rebirth of your life.

2) Size – Hugz for scrapbooking also come in different sizes. These sizes can actually signify anything. However, it is always up to the crafter to choose its specific meaning. Small hugz are often used for memories and pictures with significance usually only known to the crafter. Small hugz are often used to mark special memories that have a particular sweetness to the crafter, yet may not be understood by any other readers.

Medium sized hugz may be used to mark any significant objects which a few people may be able to relate to. These hugz may be used to mark certain events in a family’s life that bears a certain joy to the different people involved.

Large hugz are used to mark very significant events. These hugz can mark certain turning points in a person’s life or milestones in their history. It may also be used to mark important events which every person can relate to as being emotionally intense.

3) Shape – Of course, Hugz usually take the form of circles, since they got their name from the marks XOXO in a letter, signifying hugs and kisses. The circle signifies a hug and the X symbolizes a kiss. However, manufacturers nowadays have decided to include a variety of shapes.

Today, the circle shape can signify love. This means that you may use this type of hugz for romantic memories or especially sweet moments. It also signifies magic or reincarnation. The cycle of life also is shown by the circle. Triangles can signify intelligence or heavenly powers, as this is often the symbol for the trinity.

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