Tickle Your Scrapbooking Idiosyncrasy

Tickle Your Scrapbooking Idiosyncrasy

Scrapbook is an essential haven for timeless memories. It can record your family history, celebrations and other gatherings. It is sometimes accompanied with journalizing. Through the same, additional memories will be recollected. A scrapbook can last a lifetime if you know what materials to use and what not to.

Parents often resort to scrap booking when they wanted to personalize their photos. Aside from that, scrap booking is also resorted by parents to keep the artworks, cards, letters and other vital stuffs that their children are giving them. Hence, they preserve the memories and materials without getting overwhelmed. With a scrapbook around, you can do away with memorabilia boxes and other hefty packages.

If you are not busy on a weekend, why not create a scrapbook with your children. Doing an activity like the one mentioned will make you closer to them. Aside from that, you are also honing their creativity and art potentials.

Here are the steps to do a scrapbook of your children’s keepsakes:

1. Create a reduced version of the keepsakes. Paste them on a textured paper or thin mat.

2. Use ribbons, tassles, paper clips, dried flowers, clippings and other tiny objects to embellish the album.

3. Also paste a small piece of paper beside the keepsakes and make a short note to describe them. You can also make a message board for your children to write on.

4. Cut out some letters to be used for the title of the scrapbook. After that you can show the scrapbook to the entire family and reminisce the past.

Scrap booking is not only entertaining and fun to do but also worthy and advantageous. Individuals who are exposing themselves to scrap booking are honing their artistic capabilities. In fact, their works spell sophisticated scrap booking.

Sophisticated scrap booking is doing the thing with elegance, superiority and cleverness. From color combinations, to design, layout and embellishments – everything must complement and blend.

How do you go about sophisticated scrap booking?

1. Pick materials with classic colors. Examples of which are sepia, black, white, red and navy.

2. Pile or overlap papers to draw an impact and to make elements interact.

3. Use straight lines rather than curves and circles. Straight lines make clean and classic aura. If your scrapbook appears too rigid or linear, soften the lines or make a torn edge.

4. Select photos that will blend naturally with the colors, material and feel of your scrapbook.

5. Shallow dimensions are preferred. Use embellishments that are not that bulky. Moreover, you can use charms, alphabet tiles, foam tape, laces and tassles to emphasize dimension. Nonetheless, do not overdo it so as to distract the photos.

6. If the photos have theme or motif, be sure to dress your scrapbook according to the latter. The theme, color and embellishments must add to the beauty of the scrapbook not the contrary.

Speaking of embellishments, one of the most preferred embellishments that artists use is tassles. Tassles are ornaments consist of loose threads, embroidery floss, yarns, straw, raffia or cords. They are not only best for scrap booking but for knitting projects, scarves, bookmarks, pillows, draperies and afghans as well. You can find tassles ubiquitously. Nonetheless, if you desire to do it personally, tassle-making is pretty much easy.

Here are the simple steps in making tassles:

1. Cut a piece of cardboard based on the size of tassle you want to have.

2. Wrap a piece of yarn (or any of your desired material) around the cardboard. Cut the yarn at the untied end.

3. Wrap the long piece of yarn around the tassle. If you are satisfied with the look and style, insert its end (through a needle) to anchor said tassle.

4. Trim excess ends to give the tassle a clean look.

Now, you have your own version of tassle. You can use it in any art project you have including scrap booking.  Just bear in mind that scrap booking represents the individual personality of the creators. Nonetheless, if you want your own version of several things – you can. You can bend the rules. You can even break them. Its all our bringing out the bet of you and the best of what your personality can give - your piece of idiosyncrasy!

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