Free Scrapbooking Layouts for All Types of Scrapbooks

Free Scrapbooking Layouts for All Types of Scrapbooks

One of the hardest challenges you have to encounter when you are making any type of scrapbook is creating different layouts one after another. Yes, you simply run out of ideas on how to make each page unique and the tendency is, as you add more pages, you develop a certain arrangement of pattern layouts. And this of course makes your scrapbook boring and predictable.

To ensure you avoid scrapbook monotony from happening, here are several scrapbook layout ideas you may want to add on your existing ideas on your mind.

·  Work on the background

There are thousands of backgrounds you can use as a layout. All you have to do is pick one. But in the event that you are working on few backgrounds, then it is time for you to improvise. Remove some details and add something different.

·  Work on the design

If you are working on one background for your entire scrapbook, the best way to make each page different from another is by working on the design. Normally, a scrapbook page would include a photo(s), text, letter cut outs, and embellishments. You can rearrange all these to create a new and unique page. You can also use varieties of embellishments on each page. Use every part of the page. This means, you can always decide where to place important things on each page. For example, on the first page, the picture is located at the middle. Then on second, you can bring the photo on the upper left corner of the page. Then on the next, you can the other side of the page… and so forth.

·  Start with a blank

The best way to create a unique page is to start with nothing and work your way from there. A blank page would certainly open endless possibilities for design. And these endless possibilities would come up different every time you start working on it.

·  Use color combination

Colors can be used to enhance the image of the scrapbook while using them in different ways would create an entirely different page. Use different color combination to make each page stand out.

·  Use different arrangements

One each page of the scrapbook, make sure you arrange all the elements differently. Ask yourself: where to place the pictures; where to put the captions; what color should I use; what shape would work best; and what materials can be used?” These questions will lead you to anticipation every time you lift the pages.

·  Use events

Take advantage of the events you want to highlight. For example, the page you will work on is for the birthday celebration or a summer outing. Use materials that are relation to these events. For birthday celebration, you may want to add the inflated balloons or invitation together with the photos. For summer outings, you may want to glue some sands and things found at the beach or resort you went. The thing is, if you are making a page for a certain event, there are always enough ways to highlight them by using materials related to them.

·  Get inspiration

If you want to get inspiration, you may want to consult the things around you. The flowers and plants at the garden, the houses around your neighborhood, the trees at your backyard, the sun setting at the horizon, the lake near you, the sights you have seen while you travel, and so forth. These things will surely give you enough inspiration to create and finish unique scrapbook layouts.

If these things do not work, there is another way… search for layouts on the internet.

There are thousands of scrapbook layouts on the internet that you can adapt. Look for certain theme that would work best in your imagination and expand from there.

The internet can offer several types of scrapbook templates you can also adapt. These templates are printable but you can always make a version of your own, using the materials you have.

Each scrapbook is different and so as its pages. Using your imagination, creativity and all these mentioned above will give you page after page variety.

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