Where to Get Scrapbooking Page Ideas

Where to Get Scrapbooking Page Ideas

Scrapbooking is an activity that requires some inspiration and a lot of effort. Now, we all know that every person can make the effort to be creative. However, inspiration is hard to come by. Inspiration is that one little spark that guides you where to direct your efforts.

Scrapbooking page ideas can be hard to come by. They can be sought after, yet never found. They can be ignored, yet just pop up in your mind. However, there are a lot of places where you can get scrapbooking page ideas. Here are some of them:

1) Conversations - sometimes, just talking to another person can help you get a scrapbooking page idea. By engaging in conversations, you can often catch glimpses of a person's soul, and that can serve as your inspiration.

There are two ways to get scrapbooking page ideas from conversations:

a) Directly - you could try asking for other people for some scrapbooking page ideas directly. You could discuss different scrapbooking page ideas and talk about the virtues and disadvantages of each one. By asking people for ideas, you save yourself the trouble of having to find an overall theme. However, by doing so, you cannot really claim a scrapbook as your own, since the idea came from somewhere else.

b) Indirectly -this happens when you are talking to a person about something unrelated to scrapbooking and suddenly, you gleam from a certain word or phrase, a scrapbooking page idea. Getting a scrapbooking page idea this way can be quite hard, as you will be focusing on two things: the idea and the conversation.

Sometimes, a conversation can actually help free your creative spirit and actually unleash the scrapbooking page idea within you.

2) The environment - look around you. There are many things out there which can give you different scrapbooking page ideas. What can the environment give you?

a) Overall theme - One good scrapbooking page idea is capturing the beauty of the sunset in the overall theme of your scrapbook. In fact, there are many other things besides nature that you can use as great scrapbooking page ideas. This way, you actually tie the different pages of your scrapbook together.

b) Specifics - by looking at your environment, you can also gain specific scrapbooking page ideas. This means that you can enhance the little details of your scrapbook using your inspiration from outside. The details may mean something to you alone, or may also broadcast a page's significance to the world.

c) Materials - by observing your environment, you can also get scrapbooking page ideas about what materials to use. Remember that, in a scrapbook, materials say so much about your personality. In doing so, you open yourself up to the possibility of recycling.

3) Yourself. -look inside yourself for any scrapbooking page ideas which you might want to try out. Remember that only you can best judge what you want. Look towards your personality and get inspiration from it. One activity you can do is listing on a piece of paper your different traits. This would give you some scrapbooking page ideas on how to best present your scrapbook. By looking within you, you can try to convey to the readers your personality and how you feel about a certain event and page in your scrapbook.

4) Mass media - You can also take several scrapbooking page ideas from the mass media today. This includes:

a) Television - Admit it: you love watching television. So why not try to take inspiration from it? By taking scrapbooking page ideas from your favorite TV shows, you can actually try to incorporate another facet of your personality into the scrapbook.

The television also allows you to see different types of visual themes and this can give you a very good idea as to how your scrapbook should look like.

b) Music - getting scrapbooking page ideas from music can be a bit hard, since only a few can really translate emotions form words into visual information. However, if you are able to do so, you can actually come up with a pretty deep message. You might also have your friends guessing as to how a page relates to the song.

c) Computer - of course, you could also get scrapbooking page ideas from the computer. Do you wish to portray a game? Do you want to incorporate a theme from the internet? By using the computer, you can access a ton of information to give you scrapbooking page ideas.

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