Scrapbooking Quotes and the Power of Words

Scrapbooking Quotes and the Power of Words

There are those who say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, humanity came up with words because of a very good reason. You see, pictures can be viewed from different angles and interpreted in different ways. However, words do the job of clearing up those interpretations and giving you the privilege of getting your message across.

Of course, words do get misinterpreted at times. However, you should bear in mind that words are the best tools for communicating your meaning. There are certain words that touch not only the mind, but also the heart. Words are actually meant not only to convey messages, but also to convey a person’s emotions. They are used to let people know about the way we perceive things. After all, none of us can really claim to see things from another person’s point of view, can we?

For all we know, our whole lives can be a big dream. Nothing could be real. Nothing really confirms that our lives are real. Any explanations, any theories, any evidence can just be a part of the unreality of life.

However, words somehow five us the assurance that other people do experience. Somehow, words anchor us to a place of stability, somewhere between unbelief and fanaticism. Words help us cling to our own understanding.

People do not share much emotion, but when they do, they use words. Sure, you can think of love and say that there are a number of easy ways to express love without resorting to words, yet ask yourself this: “When all those actions and gestures are done, how does it translate in your mind?”

Love is a word. However, that word holds more power than anything on earth. It is actually easy to ignore a certain feeling. However, once you give a name to that feeling, it grows. That is the power of words.

Scrapbooking quotes are just that: words. However, having these words in your scrapbook can result to very powerful effects. You see, words like these give you power. These scrapbooking quotes allow you to convey meaning. These words allow you to convey emotion.

Whether borrowed or your own, scrapbooking quotes can give clarity to the pictures you use to convey your thoughts. You see, the right scrapbooking quote can affect people in a very strong manner. The right scrapbooking quote can serve as the bridge that connects:

a) The person to the memory – A scrapbooking quote can actually help people relate to the memory being portrayed by the different pictures or memorabilia. Many people do not realize this, but certain words trigger reactions from us. In the same manner, a certain word can cause us to recall certain memories or feelings.
The right scrapbooking quote can prepare the reader’s mind and allow that reader to grasp the significance of a photograph.

b) Memory to other memories –A scrapbooking quote can also allow a person to connect one event with another. You can use a scrapbooking quote to show how one item on your scrapbook is related to another.

We all know that events form our history. We also know that no actual event is isolated and that all happenings had to have begun somewhere. Using scrapbooking quotes can actually help you show the significance of one object to another and their relationship to a certain event. This way, you can actually use your scrapbook as a tool to tell your story.

c) People to people – Using scrapbooking quotes can actually help other people relate to you. This means that you can use scrapbooking quotes as tools to actually help people understand your emotions. This way, you’ll actually be using words to their full potential. By using scrapbooking quotes this way, you will be able to get people to listen.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that people use words to bridge gaps. Words are even more powerful because of the fact that, without them, our civilization would not have progressed. Words share knowledge. We use words to pass on what we have learned to the generations after us. Through this, we are always on the quest for progress and ever-increasing technology. Words make evolution possible.

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