Scrapbooking Mistakes Continues: Are you one of the perpetrators?

Scrapbooking Mistakes Continues: Are you one of the perpetrators?

Caught by scrapbooking fever? Well, you are not alone in this hobby. In fact, there are thousands of people who are addicted to it. Scrapbooking is their outlet to express their artistic side at the same time it is their way to give legacy that can be handed down to their descendants.

Scrapbooking has been around for more than a decade now. They are done to keep the memoirs as well as other precious memorabilia. It can be recalled that the first photos were taken in the year 1839. Since then, different attempts were tried to preserve the memories. In today’s modern era, the knowledge to discern safe and destructive materials and methods are already obtainable. Moreover, scrapbook is now made a ‘safer haven’ for pictures and memorabilia.

If you are still clueless about scrapbooking and everything about it, you can consult reliable scrapbooking sites on the net. If in case you have started a scrapbooking project, you will agree that your first page is the hardest. Nonetheless, it is worth the endeavor. If you are new to scrapbooking, you are susceptible to committing mistakes that can ruin all your effort and determination. To guide you in doing the right thing, scrapbooking references and sources can guide you pretty well.

According to some scrapbooking sites, there are some mistakes that need to be avoided. These mistakes are fatal. To preclude you from doing same mistakes, you must know them by heart before you start a project.


Mistake #1
Overwhelmed by Pictures

If so many pictures are placed in front of you, the tendency is to be confused or worst fret. This should not be the case. The key factor is organization. Get your photos organized and available without difficulty. You can organize the pictures chronologically. You can start from infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. This way you will leave no stones unturned at the same time, you will not easily be baffled.

Mistake #2

Cropping is the manner of resizing photos to make it smaller or more focal. Nonetheless, you must not crop anything that is interesting to your concept. Let your creativity flow. You can crop to achieve a silhouette look or to put emphasis on a given matter. Just a word of caution, never cut Polaroid pictures because they will deteriorate or fall apart when you do so. Over-cropping or abundance of photos loses emphasis and control.

Mistake #3
Using horrific albums

There are so many albums available in the market. There are the 3 ring binder albums, strap-bound, spiral bound albums and the expandable strap-bound albums. Choosing an album is like choosing your dress. It reflects your likes and dislikes. Moreover, all the aspects – from the materials, colors, layouts, methods, embellishments and the like must be considered to give the scrapbook a touch of sophistication. Be sure to get the album that will best boost your scrapbook project.

Mistake #4
Buying Over-priced scrapbooking supplies

You might be a victim of overpricing. Shop around. There are overwhelming supplies in the market. Some are expensive, others not. You can choose discount scrapbooking supplies to save a hefty savings. Price is not the factor to consider in buying supplies, it is the quality.

Before you purchase supplies, know first your ‘needs’ from ‘wants’. Prioritize the former from the latter. Moreover, there are supplies that you need not purchase.

Mistake #5
Staying Clueless

Scrapbooking is a dynamic realm. Hence, trends change and concepts evolve. Even your choices do change, furthermore you have to keep yourself abreast of what’s hot or new. You can get information from your scrapbooking buddies or from magazines and websites about scrapbooking.


You can turn to scrapbooking books, magazines, books and websites to gain knowledge about your newfound hobby. Here is a list of reliable scrapbooking companies:

1. Best Scrapbooking Sites

2. About

3. Scrapbook Super Center

4. Scrapbook

5. Create For Less

6. Scrapbook Pal

7. KT Craftsscrap Bookshop

8. Crafts Products Australia

9. Creative Scrapbooking

10. Creative Memories

11. A Lifetime of Memories

12. The Mad Crafter   

13. Remember Me Scrapbooking

14. Ultimate Scrapbook Page

15. Scrapbooking Resource Center

There are so many sources on scrapbooking. All you have to do is to search for them to be benefited by their wisdom about the craft. The aspects in scrapbooking that come into play must be considered and dealt with to complement your project. Shun mistakes from recurring!

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